85ers Club is an annual membership for Photographers.

When you join the 85ers you become an official Studio 85 Photographer!

You get bookings through Studio 85 from clients wanting to hire a professional photographer.

Professional Photographer Bookings are offered at a set rate with shoots ranging from 30min-3hours through the Studio 85 website.

These shoots are offered at a set rate and the photographer and Studio split the profit.

You get unlimited admission so you don’t have to pay for your General Admission every time you shoot in the Studio.

This gives you the opportunity to charge clients YOU bring into the Studio your own rates with only having to pay the Studio the clients hourly admission. Once a member you can select your availability that will be scheduled into our website so clients can book a shoot with you!

 85ers also get referenced to the corporations we work with, and opportunities to produce marketing for them.

We also submit select 85ers club members to have their credited work published in magazines and online forums.

The 85ers club membership has two options for payment you can pay for the year in full at $365, only $1 a day for the entire year, or you can pay $49.99 monthly for 12 consecutive months.

Choose Your Plan

  • 85ers Club

    Every year
    Photographers only membership
    • Book unlimited appointments with only a yearly fee!
  • 85ers Club

    Every month
    Membership for Photographers
    Valid for 12 months
    • Unlimited bookings
    • Promotion of services
    • Promotion of pictures taken in Studio 85