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About Studio 


"Follow your dreams or spend your whole life working for someone who did." - Victoria zampolino

Studio 85 was created by Victoria Zampolino. An ambitious 27 year old wife and mother with big dreams to own her own company! Victoria worked as a Store Manager for a prominent retailer, She loved her job and was passionate about working in the fashion industry. Balancing family & work started to become difficult as her two sons were coming of school age and her corporate schedule would conflict with her children's upcoming school schedule. Then COVID struck and caused the company she was working for to close all stores permanently. She was given a one year notice before they were to close all locations. During that year she worked diligently to create a plan to open the business of her dreams! She wanted to become her own boss so she could be the present mother she knew her sons needed. She wanted to create a safe space for creatives to create content & bring a fun attraction for all ages to her community! Thus Studio 85 was born! Studio 85 started their first location in 2021. This location housed 30 themed sets & quickly became a local favorite for many! With the abundant support of her community Studio 85 was able to expand and move to their new location in the Volusia Mall. She worked everyday for three consecutive months, morning to night, hand crafting the new Studio. She wanted to make this location even more special than the first. She designed and built all 80+ sets with the help of her husband & a handful of friends and family. Before she knew it she created The World's Largest Selfie Studio! 8,000 square feet, 80+ sets, & 7 changing rooms! 

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